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Education is one of the keys to success in the development of a nation. In countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and South Korea, an essential part of the education process is teaching the English language to students and professionals. In a globalized world, education and English language skills are integral parts in gaining the competitive advantage needed to achieve career advancement.

OverseasEnglishTeacher.com and our affiliate companies, Professional Services International (PSI), Asia Top Job, and AsiaPAC Consulting have a proven track record in the fields of professional development, professional studies, and personal development. We have had great success over the last twenty years in recruiting and matching companies, corporations, and institutions with highly-qualified and high-caliber teachers, executives, and professionals. We combine experience, our global network, and an established reputation that is unmatched in human resources and job placement. OverseasEnglishTeacher.com is an affiliate that is dedicated solely to matching schools and institutes of higher learning with well-qualified teachers from around the world.

Our Mission - Helping English Teachers Find Quality Placement in Asia


OverseasEnglishTeacher.com believes that the key to a top-quality education is not only providing the right environment, but rather a teacher who truly believes in the well-being of each student. A good teacher must actively foster academic excellence, respect for others and their opinions, international awareness, understanding of environmental issues, enjoyment of challenges, leadership experience, and commitment to the service of others.

Our number one priority is to actively recruit and provide teachers who can best prepare students for an increasingly global and technological society. The ability to speak the English language is extremely beneficial for those seeking job opportunities with international companies. The ability to speak business English spoken will place you a step ahead of the competition. Our mission is to provide the very best, most qualified native English speaking teachers available and place them in the schools and institutes that are appropriate for their level of experience.

Continuously Training Our Teachers


We also believe that teaching today’s students is an evolving profession. To help teachers best prepare themselves and keep up to date with their profession, we also will provide seminars and training programs to fit their individual needs as well as provide a cross-cultural program for teachers from overseas.

OverseasEnglishTeacher.com believes the complete educational experience involves the whole person, and we promote the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of human nature. The future citizens of the “Global Village” should be equipped with the necessary inquisitive and critical thinking skills in order for them to cope with the rapid advances in technology while retaining their own cultural identities.

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For more than fifty years, NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements.

AsiaPAC Consulting is a longtime member of this human resources organization, which allows extensive international networking to high-profile companies and talented jobseekers.


The International Executive Search Federation (IESF) is a professional human capital consultancy that focuses on executive search for the world’s leading businesses.

AsiaPAC Consulting is a proud member of this organization, attracting the best talent and leadership candidates to be the building blocks of our clients’ future success.

AsiaPAC Consulting’s Goal Statement

Our goal is to serve our domestic and overseas clients with a focused and specialized service that is efficient, cost-effective, and devoted to the client’s interest

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Our clients have included many large companies over the last 20 years to include, IBM, Microsoft, and Nestle

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We are a proud supporter of the blueprint laid out by the ASEAN Economic Community to achieve a competitive, well-educated, and technologically-advanced Southeast Asia by 2015

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We help place candidates from a wide-variety of backgrounds in jobs throughout the region, and we always treat them with respect