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Special Development Programs for Students

OverseasEnglishTeacher.com will be offering three professional improvement and development programs:

A Good Teacher

  1. An English Adventure Camp for those looking to improve their English language skills outside of the normal classroom environment. The English Adventure Camp will feature not only English language improvement, but personal improvement and development in a unique, fun, and friendly setting.
  2. A two-week program for the less fortunate in conjunction with six major hospitals in Thailand. A complete medical checkup and evaluation will be provided as well as therapy to improve their well-being. Recommended therapy will include daily massage and aromatherapy.
  3. A very special one-month program for those inflicted with autism and their families. The Autistic Program in conjunction will be conducted with three major hospitals in Thailand, who will evaluate and issue a provisional study of the autistic child’s disorder. Appropriate recommendations will be made to help educate both the child and his or her parents on how best to treat and live with the challenges of autism.

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For more than fifty years, NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements.

AsiaPAC Consulting is a longtime member of this human resources organization, which allows extensive international networking to high-profile companies and talented jobseekers.


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Our goal is to serve our domestic and overseas clients with a focused and specialized service that is efficient, cost-effective, and devoted to the client’s interest

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Our clients have included many large companies over the last 20 years to include, IBM, Microsoft, and Nestle

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We are a proud supporter of the blueprint laid out by the ASEAN Economic Community to achieve a competitive, well-educated, and technologically-advanced Southeast Asia by 2015

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